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…and it’s brought up so many unexpected emotions, y’all…

i’m a second semester 3L, mere weeks away from graduating, and i still brief every case i read* for class.

*potential saving grace: i don’t read every case for class.

today was just filled with good news.

today was just filled with good news.

I am one ethical bitch.


If I have to do work, there’s no better setting than sitting outside in 80 degree weather and listening to a 90’s-00’s R&B station on pandora (“Drunk on Love” Radio, to be precise).

i’m on the last section of the first draft of my paper. finally. and i’m serious. there have been a lot of false alarms about this “bane of my existence” paper, but the sky’s actually on fire this time, guyz. furrealz.

it’s a fucking relief, i tell you.

not least because it means i can drop a seminar that, though it seems awesome (it’s about toxic harms: torts! that cause massive amounts of harm!), there’s a 25-page paper requirement that i’m not at all into. and if i’m willing to drop classes because the casebook is too expensive (i’m looking at you, admiralty), you better believe i’m willing to drop a class that requires me to write the paper as long as the one it’s currently taking me nearly a year to write…

i wish i hadn’t taken so long to take it… though i’m not entirely sure how taking it earlier would’ve, in any way, changed the trajectory of my law school career.

My schedule is finally set! Time to rock out with my lady parts out.

i haven’t been so intimidated by a classroom of people since the first day of 1L year. why am i doing this to myself?!?

So apparently, it’s helpful for my own studying to have someone else around studying.

I’ve been trying to read over an essay (just read it - nothing else) for a week and am finally making headway only, I think, because there’s someone sitting near me doing work of his own.

Have I unlocked the key to my productivity? Does this please-slash-shame me because it somehow makes me dependent on others? Are these all rhetorical questions for which I needn’t “Let people answer this”?

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stop. eating. cake.

finish. your. paper.

10:00 Starting work for the day. Got a big glass of orange juice and a bowl of granola.

10:38 Pat makes me my new fave coffee drink: an almond milk latte. Tries not to rub it in my face that he finished this shit yesterday.

11:00 Trying to procrastinate only a little, check out my dashboard, respond to some emails…watch shows on hulu.com in a separate window (its called multi-tasking, my friends)

11:28 Put some spelt grain on the stove so I can make this farro, beet and citrus salad with goat cheese for lunch.

12:26 Officially 1/3 down in terms of word count. Fuck cogency, this is just a race to the word limit.

12:28 Spelt’s done. The alarm scared the shit out of me.

1:30 Lunch was delicious: nom nom nom - goat cheese!

1:52 I just discovered that The Bachelorette is on hulu.com. This. Is. Bad.

3:00 Procrastinating by looking for knitting patterns so that I can finally give one of my professor’s a baby gift. The pictures are pretty. On the bright side: about 2/3 of the way to the word limit - wha’ WHA’!

it’s important that we
both do this entire law school thing with the appropriate perspective and remember that even when we’re disappointed, and that disappointment is legitimate, we’re coming out of this year having 1) learned a helluva lot, 2) prepared ourselves to be successful professionals, and 3) done all of that while growing as people
we got our criminal law grades today. this is what p gchatted to me. he’s kind of the best. and by “kind of” i mean “unequivocably.”