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I (finally!) got my grades back for the semester. (Registrar: “I can haz my “you have offically graduated” email?!). I’m pretty sure I did the whole law school thing backwards: I did FAR AND AWAY better 3L year than I did 1L. And it certainly was not because I took easy classes.

I think a big part of it was (a) not being distracted by falling in love and (b) not giving a whole lot of fucks. It’s amazing how job security brightens your outlook…(and helps you get better grades?! You always get things when you don’t need them…)

EDIT: On second thought, you can never underestimate the comparatively fewer fucks your classmates give. Nearly all of my grades this year were in curved classes. Sure, I didn’t give many fucks, but my classmates, and grade competitors, gave even less. That = better grades for me!

…and it’s brought up so many unexpected emotions, y’all…

i’m a second semester 3L, mere weeks away from graduating, and i still brief every case i read* for class.

*potential saving grace: i don’t read every case for class.

today was just filled with good news.

today was just filled with good news.

and with that, the paper I need to finish in order to graduate is complete (and 26 days before it’s actually due).

I completed one really important task today. I woke up incredibly worried about how was going to do something and then I, gasp asked for help. I got the help (one of only two ways asking for help can go, I suppose, and lucky for me, it was this way) and accomplished something. It was like magic.

So, yeah, I registered for the NY Bar Exam.

(Now I’m being greedy and attempting to go for a SECOND thing today: putting things in place so I can spend the summer frolicking in Austin.)

i wish i hadn’t taken so long to take it… though i’m not entirely sure how taking it earlier would’ve, in any way, changed the trajectory of my law school career.

  • returned something to bb&b - looooong overdue
  • spent a bunch of money at wf
  • spent some money at manhattan fruit exchange (best. produce. market. ever.)
  • ran home to use the bathroom (lines are insane at chelsea market…so long that it was worth it to me to hold it all the way to bk)
  • bought casebooks for the last time (woowho!)
  • bought whiskey, in case i actually make it to a friend’s house party tonight
  • made white bean dip, because i have to make it to another friend’s birthday celebration tonight
  • lamented the fact that i won’t be able to make a third friend’s karaoke party at winnie’s
  • wondered how it is that weeks can go by with no social engagements and then three things happen in one night
  • thought, that’s shit cray
  • lost the left ear of my second pair of headphones - how does that happen? is it contagious?
  • thought that without music to listen to on the train, maybe i’ll finally finish my book for book club

three of my four classes with casebooks have brand new editions. fuck that shit - especially you admiralty.

So apparently, it’s helpful for my own studying to have someone else around studying.

I’ve been trying to read over an essay (just read it - nothing else) for a week and am finally making headway only, I think, because there’s someone sitting near me doing work of his own.

Have I unlocked the key to my productivity? Does this please-slash-shame me because it somehow makes me dependent on others? Are these all rhetorical questions for which I needn’t “Let people answer this”?

stop. eating. cake.

finish. your. paper.

harriet and me.

neither of us wants to study.

You were such a bitch to me this semester, so you know what I did, I took 55 minutes out of an allowed 120 to complete your final exam. And you know what, I’m also pretty sure I whipped your ass 6 ways till Sunday.

Suck it.

what happened to the 3L good life?

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