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my name is loreal. i have a cat, i have feelings, i like to make things, and this is my tumblr.
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new hobby alert!

I also like the idea of giving these away as new year’s gifts with special messages contained within.


Embroidered Temari Spheres

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Inspiration: What inspired you this year? How do you think this inspiration will impact the year to come?

I was inspired by household textiles this year - the colors, patterns and textures of linens, blankets, duvet, quilts, you name it… It was part of my obsession with my apartment, no doubt, and my preference for being surrounded by pretty things,b ut it also inspired me to think about what it was I truly want my home to include, and how some of those things are missing from the marketplace and how, maybe, just maybe, I have to be the one to provide them. I think, and hope, that 2014 will entail further development of that idea…

aka fancy twix?!


chocolate caramel shortbread bars


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I can only concentrate on lectures if I’m also knitting. Weird. (Taken with Instagram)

inspiration for quilt #3

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New summer (cotton) sweater (Taken with instagram)

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Homemade napkins / Thank you gift (Taken with instagram)

Layer basting (Taken with instagram)

Preparing for the quilt sandwich (Taken with instagram)

Quilt in progress (Taken with instagram)

Almost finished… (Taken with instagram)

Sweater continued… (Taken with instagram)

Restart (Taken with instagram)

decisions decisions…